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Repairing a Precious Piece of Family History. Fixing Pencil Drawing

This was drawn in the 50’s by the father of my friend’s wife. He asked me to repair it so he could frame it and give it to his wife for Christmas. What a thoughtful gift. The bugs got to it and the paper was yellow and fragile. I couldn’t go any farther without doing more damage or changing integrity of the original art. I’m honored that he would trust me with such a precious piece of family history.
Pencil Drawing


Vintage Photo Restoration

This is a picture of my Gramme and her older sister, taken in 1918.  The original photo is 4cm x 2.5cm so I had to scan it in extremely high-resolution.   I’ve put at least 8 hours into this restoration and although it isn’t completely done, I’m ready to share it with you.  Gramme is now 95 and in Hospice so this little picture has special meaning for me.