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Disneyland – Pastel Portrait Artist

Wow!  This picture was sent to me by an old friend.  Many, many moons ago I worked at Disneyland as a portrait artist on Main Street.  Any guesses what year?  I’ve also worked there as a caricature artist and silhouette artist.  In fact, I believe I’m the only person ever to have done all three.   It was a BLAST!


Creative Resume – Artistic Touch

Do you want to catch the attention of a prospective employer?  Be unique and interesting and people will not only look at it, but show it around.  I’ve created a resume for myself using my new computer skills… much FUN!   How can I get into the business of creative resumes?  It may not be what you expect but that’s what makes people want to look at it and read it.

I have to admit though, as much as I enjoyed it, I didn’t include my prestigious job at Jack in the Box.