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Castle Mural Repair _ Fedde Middle School

The original artist wasn’t available to repaint this mural after years of south facing sun. He had done a very nice job but now it needed a little TLC. I opted to change the horse and Knight and keep everything else the same. My minions and I spent 8 days painting on this hot rooftop. We weren’t able to stay up there past 1:00 due to the oppressive heat. A long and difficult job, and I’m glad it’s done.
Fedde done

fedde start


Seraphim Angel Mural, with Musical Strings

After some personal heartache I found myself immersed in this perfect mural. Painting these Seraphim angels renewed my soul and gave me peace. I want to thank my patient friend for letting me create this artwork; it will always hold a place in my heart.



Kim’s ATA Black Belt Taekwondo Logo. Logo Mural

This work is gratis in order to promote my work to all of the other Dojo’s. It’s crisp, sharp logo was wonderful to paint in a semi-gloss. Although I’m still not sold on Dun-Edwards paints, their black was nice to work with. Plus I really wanted to try my new Modern Masters Silver metallic paint. Wonderful coverage and lovely to work with. While there, I got to see some of the tiny martial artist’s that fill the class begin their routines. I’ve got to tell you, watching a 4 yr old in miniature Gui, preforming controlled jumps and thrusts is pretty darn cute.

Murals to Enhance Science, Engineering and Math

This is Starbase, an extra curricular 5 day class (free btw) in Engineering, Science, and Math. Having seen all the exciting hands-on activities makes me wish my kids were still young. In fact, it makes me wish I was young. It’s designed for 5th grade and an excellent opportunity for schools, scouts, and Home-school groups. My murals helped enhance the enthusiastic atmosphere.
Star_1_friends of copy

Star_2_Head copy

Star_3_molecules copy

Star_4_Mars copy

Star_5_Chip copy

Star_6_rocket copy

Fond Memories of Drive-In Theaters. Car Mural

This is one of my most unique murals, in a little bathroom adjacent to a home theater. My buddy (Hi Steve) is installing a car door on one wall, complete with a drive-in speaker in the window. Yes….a real one! My mural helps give the illusion of being at the drive in with the snack bar, and…oh do you remember those old playgrounds with swing sets for us kids? My favorite part to paint was the 54′ Seafoam Green Buick Skylark, a copy of the one in this homes garage. Sweet.
I’m looking forward to taking pictures of the completed room with light fixture, counter, mirror, and of course the car door. What fun.




4. School Mural

Jamie_HVLP Mural work


How to prepare a Large Mural

We had Cerrito’s Police helicopters checking us out. Can’t blame them. It was midnight and I was drawing on the gym wall. That’s o.k., I just waved, and after a few minutes they realized I was legit.

Big Wall Mural, Artesia High School. Biggest and Best Yet!

BIG Wall Mural. School murals and Painting on rooftops….yicks.

BIG Wall Mural. School murals and painting on roofs.

BIG Wall Mural. School murals and painting on roofs.

Good Grief….my walls are getting bigger all the time. Although I love the red, it still needs the highlights so I’ll repost once done. I climbed a 16′ ladder to get on the roof and painted on a 6′ once there. The ladder you see in the picture is only 4′. All supplies and ladders needed to be hauled up and down each day. Next step….scissor lift.

Wine Cellar Mural, the Perfect Balance of Art and Fermentation

Wine Cellar Mural, the perfect balance of art and fermentation

I spent 5 days in this charming wine cellar painting the sky and these grapes in their 4 seasons. The mural begins with a bare stem sporting only a few small new leaves. Turning the corner are some flowering buds that are starting to fruit. The fruit developes into Pino grapes, green with speckles. The grapes show veraison as they change color until the last wall is full of deep purple clusters. These clusters round the room back to the begining bare vines where the dead brown leaves float to kiss the new growth. This room was enchanting and a real delight to paint.

ALOHA, Fun Medical Mural for Elementary School

ALOHA, Fun Medical Mural for Elementary School

Golf Mural – Pebble Beach in One Day. Gift mural

I discovered that it costs a fortune for exterior stucco paint but it’s WELL worth it. That stuff stayed on my hands for 3 days. I’m certain it’ll never come off of this wall.  Vista Paint! Great stuff.

This sweet gal found my website and hired me to paint this mural of Pebble beach to add ambiance to her husbands putting green in the back yard as his Christmas gift. What a clever and unique gift.

The best part of this gig were the young kids that would sneak out to chat with me. They never got in the way or distracted me but were very entertaining. They told me that their dad is a champion golfer (cough), wanted to know if the paint was dry, (I hope it finally came off his finger), asked what I was drinking (diet coke), and how many times I had to go to the bathroom.       Kids crack me up.



Distinguished School Mural, Large Enough to be Seen Forever.

This mural had to be big enough to been seen from the street beyond a grassy field. The Kennedy name is 30″ lettering and the Elementary School is 15″ high. I had trouble with the paint bubbling after the sprinklers hit it, so it took one tough day extra. Scraping, sanding, and new paint, but came out beautifully. Now I working on a 6′ round wooden sign with the Distinguished School logo to be bolted onto the brick face of the school MPR.

Science Lab DNA Mural, school mural.

Another great mural for my favorite school, Tetzlaff magnet middle school in Cerritos. This is a wonderful atmosphere to learn in and I’m so proud to have been able to paint this DNA ladder.  It may be hard to read the quotes but they were chosen from people who have made significant contributions to the world of science. I love each and every one.

A Special Place for Mom, Soft and Pretty. Swirls on the Walls

My mother-in-law is living in a lovely Independent Living apartment and I made even nicer by softening the decor with my swirly mural. We worked all day to get the swirls just the way she likes them and we’re both pretty happy with the results. I especially love the green wall with the clock that was a gift from a special friend.

Beach Vacation Mural

This mural is 12.5 feet x 5.5 feet in a young girls room.  It was a redo after a series of unfortunate events involving the original mural. I admire the contractor, Jason Welch, for handling the situation in a professional manner doing everything he could to repair the situation. The homeowners turned out to be lovely people and a pleasure to work with…..thank you for the flowers. Yes, they even sent me flowers after the job was done. A first, and it truly astonished me.  After 20 years, the people I come in contact with in this job continue to surprise me.  Don’t you just love it?

Trojan School Mascot Mural; Tetzlaff Middle School

Here’s the completed Tetzlaff’s Trojan mascot sign and name sign.  The school maintenance people coated them with anti-graffiti and bolted them onto the brick.  I want to thank my friends that had trucks for hauling, and the woodworking teacher for cutting them so perfectly to my specifications.  They were more work then I expected but came out as well as I imagined.  Now I’m drafting quotes for artwork in the auditorium and science lab.  But first I need to slog through all of the ABC District purchasing paperwork.  

Do you see my initials “JME” in the trojan?   


Greek Keys in Stone.

I donated a custom mural to the Assistance League of Orange silent auction and was “won” by a sweet lady proud of her Greek heritage.  She decided on Greek Keys as stone around her unique rounded doorway.  I’m always amazed at the people I meet.  She was eclectic and classy with two of the funniest dogs I’ve ever met.  I couldn’t help but to immediately like her.

Here are the before and after:

School Murals; We The People mural. Basketball mural and Globe

Finished with Tetzlaff’s walls.  I’m actually going to miss some of those people.  I still have signs to do so I can get one last hug.

Scientific Mural; Microscope, DNA, Atom, and Robotic Arm

This is wall 2 of Tetzlaff Middle School.  It’s my NERD WALL.  Don’t get me wrong, I married a nerd.  Best ever!  They’re the people that keep this world going in the right direction.  Geeks RULE!

This was a lot of fun to paint. I got a little confused with the DNA strand but figured it out.   The silver paint on the robotic arm enhances the feel of metal and the bright colors on the DNA make the whole thing pop. 


Green Frog Mural. Tetzlaff School.

This is my current gig.  Tetzlaff Middle School mural.  I’ll paint on 4 walls and two wooden signs.  The book has their Peace Builder Pledge painted.  What a dynamic and progressive school.   The staff has so much pride in everything they do, it makes me wish my kids were young. Being able to paint this mural has been a real pleasure.

Sweet Little Painted Sea Horses, Under the Beautiful Sea…

I just love the people I meet in this business.  I was expecting a young, snobbish, and demanding urbanite when I booked this mural at an exclusive beach house not 30 yards from the water.  Was I ever wrong!  This couple was sweet, gracious and a delight to work with.  I painted this little ditty from a song that I happen to love.  I even have it on an old Disney VSH.  This is over a crib in a well lit, bright and clean room.   I hope it brings them joy.

Gnarly Grommet – recycling murals

I just love this client.  When she contacted me and told me it had been 5 years since I painted monkeys on her son’s nursery wall I couldn’t believe it.  5 years?!  Her son, now 5 (almost 6 with 2 loose teeth) is ready for a change.  They decided to keep the banana trees and painted over the monkeys and other animals. BTW, V, you did a great job of covering up.  I spent a day painting a surfer silhouette and a skateboard silhouette along with some boards, flip-flops, and a shark.  It all incorporated well with the exsisting banana trees and I’m very proud of the result. 

Sufer Dude BG on a Lip:

This is the "recycled mural"

BG's Banana tree monkeys - 5 years ago

Now he's a silhouette skateboarder

Renaissance Mural: Grape Vines, Birds, Butterflies and Clouds

This mural was so much fun to paint! I began with the blue ceiling and clouds.  It grew on me as I applied cracks and leaves until I had to make myself stop before it took over like a medieval forest.  I love the Monarch butterfly and Stick bug.  The birds were sweet and a little shading really helped them pop off of the wall.  Being able to enjoy what you do is a true blessing.

Below is day 1, ceiling clouds and wall definition.  Cracks are so much fun if you understand the nature of how things break. Who would have thought I would take up the study of broken wall plaster?

Glass Painting – bugs & kid’s reading –

I completed my most resent gig at Turtle Rock with a painting on the office glass.  This painting has to hold up to tiny fingernails of young students impatiently waiting for mom and dad to finish up.  

Here’s the glass painting of trees, a little boy reading “Big Bear, Big Bear”, and a little girl reading “One Fish, Two fish”.  The books are about 2 inches but perfect in their representation.  It took a tiny, tiny brush and good glasses.  The problem is that the boy’s book has the front cover on what should be the back of the book.   A little fudging there. 😛

Bathroom decor – decorative painting swirly-girly

This is the Turtle Rock Preschool office bathroom.   The male director painted the room a plum color and asked me to do some swirly-girly decoration on the walls because he works with 40 women.  He wrinkled his nose to the whole thing but wants to keep his staff happy.  Good man.


Sweet nursery design. Love this tree!

This is my latest mural for a soon-to-be new baby.  This was all the momma’s idea and I’m loving it.  She’s going to add silk flowers to the tree to make it even sweeter.   It’s hard to see, but there are green and pink butterflies scattered throughout the room.  I’m so very happy with the way this turned out!

Surfer Dude, Boy’s room decor, mural

This is a miniature of the little surfer dude that lives in this room.  He’s so darn cute!  He’s a little guy but you can see that he’s going to have to fight off the girls when he gets older.   The rest of the room has dolphins, turtle, shells, fish, and palm trees.  The decorator did a fabulous job on this room…and I’m honored to be able to paint one of my murals to compliment it.

Backyard Paradise – tropical wedding scene

I painted this tropical scene on a stucco wall with real planters on either side.  It was in preparation for a wedding in her backyard.  I gave the client a couple different conceptual ideas on paper, including one with a sunset.   This came out very nicely and I especially love the large palm leave painted on the left side.   Yes, the rocks are painted too.

This was a two day job and she was gracious enough to set up a sun umbrella for me to work under. 

Turtle Rock Preschool Toddler Room – DONE

I was able to finish this mural today in less then 3 hours.  You can see an earlier posting of the previous work I did on it last weekend.  All together…um…9 hours for this one room.  I changed the bird to blue and added more leaves.  I also added some swirls from the leaves that you may have a hard time seeing in the pic.  I’m very happy with the way it turned out and am glad to be able to share it with you.

Work in progress.

Nope, I’m still not quite done.  I’ll get there but for now I’m still working on my Turtle Rock Preschool Tree.   That’s tomorrow!

Toddler Room Day 1

Another mural at Turtle Rock Preschool.   This room is for 12 – 24 month old little people.  I’m painting a juvenile tree in the corner.   This is just the begining painting.  I’ve already chalked the main drawing on the wall.  Stay tooned for more pics as the mural progresses.

People ask me what I supplies I need to paint a mural.  Here is my set up including; a dropcloth, acrylic paint, an array of brushes, styrofoam plates for pallets, painters tape, water bucket, rags, paper towels, scissors, ladder, Ipod, and diet coke.


 I had to leave spaces in between the colors, and a blank space where the iris is in the eyeballs so the black paint would show up on both sides of the glass.  A couple of times I forgot and had to scrape out a section of the white in the eye.    But the finished mural was very fun. 

Day One – Turtle Rock Preschool Aquarium

This is my first step in painting a cartoon aquarium on the glass partition in the Turtle Rock Preschool nursery.  The cribs are captive on one side of the glass while the parents are on the other side.  Now the glass will have colorful fishies to brighten up the whole room and make everybody smile. 

After Disneyland caricatures, Home decor muraling, homeschooling, the Girl Scout Council experience, and teaching art classes at the Anuvue Studio, I’ve been given the opportunity to start again in any direction I choose. Thank you to my handsome husband.

I’ve been sending out sample sheets to Artist Reps. So far I’ve recieved 5 regections but they’ve all been extreemily kind and noted that they like my work. DANG…where IS spellcheck?