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Unique and Personal Gift. Caricature with all the Trimmings

I believe adding personal touches to a caricature is what makes it special. Not just the drawing itself but all of the little chachki that’s meaningful. It took some time and reconnaissance in order to capture these personal effects and after some investigation, I’m certain Victor is going to LOVE this piece of art created especially for him. I can’t wait to hear his reaction!



Retirement Caricature Gift

Once you learn how to draw caricatures it opens your eyes to a whole new world. I see people as cartoons. Don’t worry, it’s not just you, it’s everybody. People are just plain funny looking. This is a retirement caricature for a dear friend. It’ll be printed for the invitations and notifications, then it’ll be framed and given to him as a gift during his party. Don’t you just love it?

Caricature in b&w and red

This is my latest b&w painting.  This sweet young woman used to work with me and asked me more than a year ago to paint her and her two cousins.  Life happened and I put it off until I forgot.  Just last week, she sent me a text picture of an empty wall space.   Bwhahaha.

We added red to compliment her decor and I hope it looks enough like them for her to love it.   I’m also attaching a picture of her for you to judge.

I SWITCHED the two girls on the right. 

Black and White Caricatures – The Clubhouse

This caricature was done based on the original photo below it.  These chefs worked for The Clubhouse in Costa Mesa that’s, sadly, now closed.  

I found that I prefer to work the Liquitex Professional Mars Black instead of the Basic’s Mars Black.  It’s just a better black.   Any white areas are where the canvas is showing through.

The caricature on canvas was presented to the Head Chef as a thank you gift.   I hope he still has it wherever he is.

How many of you can spell Caricature?

Thi s is one of my favorite caricatures because of the color.  This job was a birthday gift that I did with Tombo Markers and, sharpie and watercolor pencils – a most brilliant invention.   All very fun.