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3D Texturing and Lighting. Reconstruction Outdoor Crime Scene.

This outdoor scene is a continuation of my 3D Crime Scene, Bank Shooting Reconstruction posted on April 6, 2012. I custom created all models  and lighting, with the exception of the cars supplied by SAC. The Mental Ray Daylight system is set to 4pm and there are 3 Standard Omni lights within the building. Texture, Specular, Normal, and Alpha maps were created using original photos I collected, Google images, and

The purpose of this scene is to demonstrate the use of creative lighting, unwrapping objects and proper use of texture map atlases to produce a  realistic and credible environment.

For my friends that have no idea what that means… worries. Two years ago, I wouldn’t have either. It’s been an amazing process. Be sure and scroll down to see the night lit scene including red and blue lights eminating from the police vehicles.


3D Crime Scene, Bank Shooting Reconstruction.

This award winning, fictional crime scene reconstruction is based on similar and true events. It does not depict any actual persons, places, or incidents. This is a detail shot of a full scene created for educational purposes.

This is an overview of the interior of the bank.

Crime Scene Reconstruction, Bullet Path, 3D Animation, Forensic Recreation

I still have some things I’d like to change in this project and maybe I’ll get to it during the holidays.  I learned a great deal and am excited to do more.  3DMax and the animation is an amazing tool.

Be warned that this has some graphic photos.

3D Animation and Lip Sync. Drop the Gun; Call Me a Feminist.

 This is an original animation using a sound clip from SledgeHammer…….loved that show.  I take NO credit for the model of Jorge but I brought him to life.  I created the stage, animation, lip and sound sync, lighting, camera work and rendering with Autodesk 3D Max.  What an amazing tool!  BTW, I won first place in my class for this little clip. 


3D Animated Sneeze….. Bless you.

This is a class assignment in sound sync and animation.  I take NO CREDIT for the model “Jorge”.  He, and the soundtrack were supplied by Santa Ana College  making it very fun to learn Autodesk 3Ds Max animation.  

I never realized how complicated a simple little sneeze could be.   

3D Crime Scene Reconstruction.

I completed my Autodesk 3Ds Max Modeling class with a fabricated crime scene reconstruction.  This is a bank robbery where the suspect claims he was putting down his rifle and was shot by the deputy for no apparent reason.  This 3D illustrated re-enactment proves that he had the weapon directed in a threatening manner.   Keep in mind that if this was a real reconstruction that would be seen by a jury, the suspect would have no face and wouldn’t be in such a menacing position.  Same goes for the deputy.  Very engaging.  More to come later.

3D Animation, next year.

My (oh so fun) 3D animation class will have to wait.  Sometimes God redirects our path and right now I’m needed elsewhere.