The Face of Santa Ana College, Be Brave

Never avoid something new because it’s scary. I went back to school at the ripe old age of (cough), well let’s just say I easily could be mom to most of these kids. It WAS scary but so MUCH FUN! I now have my 3D Modeling and Animation Certificate and am loving it. SAC recently interviewed me as an important part of their demographic, “the returning student”. The fun thing is that they stuck my face on their homepage. Check out Ana College), on the first page, the main picture on the front. On the bottom right of that picture are page numbers. If you go to page 3 and wait for 4 seconds, my face pops up. If you click on my picture when it pops up, it takes you to a write-up and one of the paragraphs is my mini-interview. Huh….who would’ve thought?SAC_face



  1. Ronnie Said:

    Jaime, congrats on the cover picture for SAC.

  2. sugarmanart Said:

    thank you. Sorry, do I know you?

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