Photo Restoration: Tiny Pic from ’58 Needs a Little Clean-Up.

K2 Res

K2 Orig

Wow…a little know-how and my friends think I’m amazing. This is a dear friend that I’ve known since High School, and her brothers. Such a sweet picture. I can’t make it perfect and I prefer to leave some of the cracks and age marks to keep its integrity. I discovered that if I go too far, it looks plastic and fake. Nice, huh? It warms my heart to be able to restore most of this little gem for my friend.



  1. Kathy Said:

    I’m the little cowgirl among those cowboys and I can’t believe how great this picture turned out! Well, then again, yes I guess I can knowing the talents of my dear friend.

  2. sugarmanart Said:

    I love you too, cutie.

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