Seraphim Angel Mural, with Musical Strings

After some personal heartache I found myself immersed in this perfect mural. Painting these Seraphim angels renewed my soul and gave me peace. I want to thank my patient friend for letting me create this artwork; it will always hold a place in my heart.





  1. Ronnie kATES Said:

    The Mural really is a Beautiful work of Art.

  2. sugarmanart Said:

    Hey Ron! Thank you. That’s what I was painting when I saw you. I love that you comment. The last comment I got was yours.

  3. anuvuestudio Said:

    Beautiful Jame. Ginny would love it. I love you girl.

  4. sugarmanart Said:

    I really could have used Sheila for this one. You were all over my mind on the 4th. We were at sea. No bagpipes or wind though. I love you back.

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