BIG Murals. School Murals and Painting on Roof Tops. Yicks!

My largest mural to date. Now that I’ve decided to slow down painting murals it’s my largest ever.  The principal was a wonderful man to work with but I long ago discovered that my best contact at a school is the maintenance person. Such hard working, kind, and helpful people you’ll ever meet. This was a month long project and took special training, special equipment, special paperwork, some contractors, and a learning curve in my business sense. It was very complicated and downright scary but simply amazing to have completed so beautifully.

Artesia Begin
We had Cerrito’s Police helicopters checking us out. Can’t blame them. It was midnight and I was drawing on the gym wall. That’s o.k., I just waved, and after a few minutes they realized I was legit.
Artesia Main
Loving my new HLVP
Artesia Front
Front Left Side
Artesia Prioneers
Front Right Side
Artesia Corner
Distinguished School Award
H_JME_J_AHS copy
Back of Auditorium and my talented girl buds.

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