Golf Mural – Pebble Beach in One Day. Gift mural

I discovered that it costs a fortune for exterior stucco paint but it’s WELL worth it. That stuff stayed on my hands for 3 days. I’m certain it’ll never come off of this wall.  Vista Paint! Great stuff.

This sweet gal found my website and hired me to paint this mural of Pebble beach to add ambiance to her husbands putting green in the back yard as his Christmas gift. What a clever and unique gift.

The best part of this gig were the young kids that would sneak out to chat with me. They never got in the way or distracted me but were very entertaining. They told me that their dad is a champion golfer (cough), wanted to know if the paint was dry, (I hope it finally came off his finger), asked what I was drinking (diet coke), and how many times I had to go to the bathroom.       Kids crack me up.




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