3D Crime Scene, Bank Shooting Reconstruction.

This award winning, fictional crime scene reconstruction is based on similar and true events. It does not depict any actual persons, places, or incidents. This is a detail shot of a full scene created for educational purposes.  Say “oooh aaah”.

This is an overview of the interior of the bank.


9 replies to “3D Crime Scene, Bank Shooting Reconstruction.

  1. Love it. I still dont know how you do all that but then I stil have to have a young person showing me how to use the basics of my computer

  2. That’s very cool. If I were on a jury, an illustration, such as what you have created, would help to convey what transpired much more efficiently than just relying on a greater amount of testimony. Nice job!

  3. Jamie, this is amazing! You have gotten reallly good at it! I hope you’re having a blast! Hugs, friend! Lori

  4. Jamie, great job. Still getting great comments on the caricature you did for me.

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