School Murals; We The People mural. Basketball mural and Globe

Finished with Tetzlaff’s walls.  I’m actually going to miss some of those people.  I still have signs to do so I can get one last hug.



  1. Kathy Said:

    Very cool. Did you have to come up with the ideas, or were you just the creative arm bringing their thoughts to the “canvas”?

  2. sugarmanart Said:

    Hey you! This one was pretty much all mine. They knew they wanted something that could be seen from the street and that would show them to be a high achievement Magnet school. They specifically wanted science, math and basketball since that’s where they excel. The ideas start rolling on their own once I’m with a client and looking at the blank slate. I usually get excited and promise more then I should. I sent them several comps done on the computer so they could see what my ideas looked like. Photoshop is a GREAT tool.

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