Gnarly Grommet – recycling murals

I just love this client.  When she contacted me and told me it had been 5 years since I painted monkeys on her son’s nursery wall I couldn’t believe it.  5 years?!  Her son, now 5 (almost 6 with 2 loose teeth) is ready for a change.  They decided to keep the banana trees and painted over the monkeys and other animals. BTW, V, you did a great job of covering up.  I spent a day painting a surfer silhouette and a skateboard silhouette along with some boards, flip-flops, and a shark.  It all incorporated well with the existing banana trees and I’m very proud of the result.

Sufer Dude BG on a Lip:

This is the “recycled mural”
BG’s Banana tree monkeys – 5 years ago

Now he’s a silhouette skateboarder


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