Private Art Class, fish and dolphin mural

This is the bedroom of a  shy, talented, and very sweet little 8 year old.  I was hired to paint her room and got permission to let her “help” me.  I gave her a mini art lesson and a paintbrush with instructions to start in a corner with some seaweed.  When I turned my back to go paint a turtle, only 2 minutes later I heard her proudly say, “Done!”    I though, “UhOh”….but she had done a brilliant job and was ready to move on. 

Can you tell which two fish are hers? (between the two hooks).  She also added an array of bubbles above her bed.   She made it hers and I know she’ll remember this experience forever.  The nice thing is that it’s just paint on a wall and if she decides she hates it, it’s just a paintswipe away.   But she’ll always know she did something unique and wonderful.              Do you think I’ve created a budding muralist?  I think maybe……. 


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