Experimenting with Paint

I’ll be doing more muraling at Turtle Rock in upcoming weeks and they’re asking me to do more painting on glass.  It’s a window in the “principals” office.  So this weekend I investigated and experimented with different paints that will hold up to tiny fingernails.  I found Porcelaine 150.  It has some issues with dripping but I think I can work around that.

This glass has:

Green Basic’s Acrylic that scratched off with a sneeze and would have to be coated as I did on the aquarium.  Coating acrylic on glass is tricky and I’d like to avoid it.

Purple BioColor that holds up pretty well and extremely well after months of drying but is too transparent to get nice coverage.  A second coat lifts the first coat so that’s not a good option.

Black Porcelaine 150 and red Porcelaine marker that coated better than BioColor and not as well as Basics but the second coat went on beautifully and it’s drying very hard.  This stuff is made to use on china, glass and porceline but needs to be baked to cure it.  I can’t bake the principal’s window but it’s still my best option.

I’m also going to use this paint for a Girls Craft night.  The girls will bring their own items to paint and snacks as well.  It’s going to be fun.   I’ll supply the brushes, paint and instruction.


One reply to “Experimenting with Paint

  1. I’ve never seen a sneeze scratch off anything…I think I don’t want to.
    And If I was Lor, I’d start counting all the glasses in the cupboard…

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